U-He Diva Update

U-he has rolled out updates for a number of its plugins, including the 1.4.4 update to Diva. There's a number of small changes including Catalina support, but most notably optimisation that allows their monster analogue emulating synth to use notably less CPU. If youve purchased our 'Plavalaguna' soundbank, as always, we recommend you update to the latest version to maintain compatibility. Check out the full list of changes below.

Diva 1.4.4 (revision 9709) Improvements: Mac installer notarized (Catalina) Improved performance on multicore systems Winstaller improvements UTF-8 support for installation paths Mac installer improved to prevent permission issues MIDI learn now working in VST3 Browser: file icons added Browser: file system drag & drop support Browser: import/export of favourite assignments Improved GUI response time on some Macs (sluggish GUI) Windows UI performance improved (less CPU load with open GUI) Sustain pedal now working according to standard (0-63 = off, 64-127 = on) Improved look of rocker switches Improved hold pedal behaviour in mono modes Fixed an issue with dialogs appearing transparent in Cubase 10.5 and Logic Fixed rare crash when sending MIDI program changes Fixed issue when using duo voice mode with hold pedal Fixed an issue with intermittent clicks in mono modes Known issues & notes: We improved the Windows installer to prevent wrong installations and permission issues. Please check the suggested installation paths during installation. Rare DC issue (audio clicks, sound cuts out) Context menus need plugin focus to work (Apple issue)