Visual synthesis? Let's check out Tracktion's new Abyss synthesizer.

Tracktion, the developers responsible for the free Tracktion Waveform DAW, have recently released a brand new synth in collaboration with Dawesome called Abyss. Claiming to be a 'visual synthesizer' Abyss offers a pretty unique GUI and user experience for what essentially a vector synthesizer, but using complex gradients as opposed the usual four waveforms populating an XY pad as you'd see in a Prophet VS or Korg Wavestation.

Abyss gives you a 'color pallette' to select tones and provides a simple way to create fairly complex soundscapes. Throw in their modulation system and you can easily animate your presets or fine tune them through MPE control.

The sound engine of Abyss contains many rich, deep textures which are fantastic for creating wide pad scapes, deep drones and ominous atmospheres.

Tracktion's Abyss also has some interesting FX options from granular to wide reverbs and delays. There is also filtering and distortion options on hand to sculpt your sounds further.

Check out the video review at the Marula Music YouTube channel for more.

Tracktion Abyss is available now for $129.00

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